Erin Campbell Ministries presents... Hidden Agendas

Bodly Facing Life's Hidden Traps

             Series Schedule

Weekly Order of Events:

6:30    Arrive
7:00    Intro - Special Music Guest
7:20    Session #1
8:00    Break
8:20    Session #2
9:00    Event Concludes

Weekly Topics:

Week One

Session #1 - Introduction
Session #2 - Purpose vs. Fear

Week Two

Session #3 - Significance vs Busyness
Session #4 - Confidence vs. Perfectionism

Week Three

Session #5 - Assurance vs. Rejection
Session #6 - Faith vs. Control

Week Four

Session #7 - Integrity vs. Procrastination
Session #8 - Character vs. Critical Spirit

Week Five

Session #9 - Commitment vs. Envy/Jealousy
Session #10 - Purity vs. Anger

Week Six

Session #11 - Compassion vs. People Pleasing
Session #12 - Contentment vs. Unforgiveness


At Hidden Agendas, Erin Campbell will boldly expose the hidden traps that deceive Christians preventing them from living deeply meaningful lives of faith. Each week, a surprising new discovery is revealed about our hidden motivators.

Learn why Christians are controlled by:

Erin Campbell
  • • Fear
  • • Perfectionism
  • • Anger

  • • Procrastination
  • • Rejection

  • • People-Pleasing
  • • And more...

Be radically defined by Godís beauty. Itís never too late!

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Conference Presenter

Erin Campbell

The passionate pursuit of Erin Campbell Ministries is to see believers transformed from feelings of inadequacy and insignificance to lives of confidence and influence through the Truths of Godís Word Ė Building Confidence in Christ.

Erin directs a full-time broadcasting and conference ministry with the help of 12 Ministry Directors, over 150 Ambassador Volunteers, and three production teams who carry out the daily operations of Erin Campbell Ministries. Erin also overseas a professional speaker bureau and manages the broadcasting production division of ECM, serving as Executive Producer and Director of three radio programs; "Water through the Word Radio", "Conversation in Courage" with Life Coach Emily A. Baumann, PCC, and "Deeper Living with Erin".

Erin Campbell is also a full-time conference speaker, traveling and speaking at over 90 events per year; motivating, equipping and encouraging others to take risks for Christ. She and her husband, Matt, live in Cincinnati, Ohio


First Christian Assembly of God Church
220 William Howard Taft Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45219
(513) 751-1066

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