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Bodly Facing Life's Hidden Traps

Message from the ECM Ministry Team

Below are comments and evaluations from those who attended our previous Hidden Agendas Series.  As a ministry team, we were overwhelmed by the volume of emails, cards, and  hand-written letters expressing heart-felt stories and miraculous experiences of how God healed and transformed their lives during this series.  We hope you will be encouraged by their testimonies too.

Hear what others have to say!

This series has relit my spiritual fire!  I was “flat-lining” over the summer.  But your stories, Scripture quotes, defining confusing “mind things” and reminding me of God’s great love has put zip back in my spiritual walk!  Thank you for presenting such a wonderful series.- AB

My head was a mess.  I was hell bent on self-destruction.  I was doing things that most sane people would not do. My life seemed to be balancing on a very thin line.  The depression was being controlled pretty well by medication.  The anxiety continued to increase and I continued to increase my anxiety medication.  I found the only way to control my feelings was to numb them, to sedate them. Over time, it became a vicious cycle.  I could not function with the pills and I could not function without them.  I was getting prescriptions filled from more than one doctor and going to various pharmacies to get them filled.  I had to stash cash to be able to do this.

In September, I started attending a weekly series called Hidden Agendas by Erin Campbell.  Each Wednesday we discussed one of life’s hidden traps.  Each week I felt inspired and renewed and as someone else in the group said, “bits of the rock where being chipped away”. I was slowly opening my heart again.  On the last night the topic was forgiveness and contentment.  There was a special ceremony of sorts.  I can’t explain it, but it happened.  On my knees with tears streaming down my face,
I SURRENDERED.  I was finally able to accept His forgiveness and I was able to forgive myself.  I know none of this is possible without Him.  I can not explain how different I feel since accepting God’s forgiveness and surrendering all to Him.  I feel so much peace.  I have turned my will and my life over to the care of God.  If I listen, he will provide me with what I need. - (L.H.V.)

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying Hidden Agendas. I knew it would be good, but didn't really realize just how much I NEEDED it!  Wow.   I appreciate you expressing and sharing what God has for us in such a way that it is edifying and convicting, never condemning.  I appreciate that.   I have really been convicted in some of those areas already.  I am seeing things in new ways.  I have for some time now been walking in fear and self condemnation and I am being freed.  You are being used in that process.  Thank you.  I am so looking forward to next week.   I ended up inviting another teacher from our school.  - KK

Thank you!  The goal with this series is to finally, fully surrender.  So far… you are addressing all the hidden traps I seem to continually be falling into.   You are speaking from your heart directly to mine.       - Love, LH

Let me just say that your Trap Rejection hit home with me tonight.  Like you, I was always the last one left when choosing sides for teams.  I was the one who people whispered about when I walked past in the halls...

God's healing touched my soul, and now His healing power is beginning to touch me in ways I have never dreamed. 

I am in awe at how God is leading me to people and ministries where my life is impacted and I am challenged.  I am learning much from you and can't wait to see where the Father takes us next week.  Have a wonderful few days until we meet again.  Love you, KS

The Hidden Agendas is just what I needed in my life.  God is so good.  This is the best healing I have had.  Thank you ECM.  May God bless you.  AD

Please let me share what Hidden Agendas has done for me!

  1. On the first night, I prayed to God on my way home in a way that I have never prayed before.
  2. The second night, I was convicted when Erin asked if we were jealous when someone got promoted at work.
  3. The third night...  well, I want to share with you my deliverance at the Hidden Agenda.  I could not believe what happened.  As I sat there in my chair listening to you, God delivered me from a critical spirit, which has been passed down from my parents.  I was walking to the prayer team and passed you and didn't speak.  Sorry, but I was in a state of shock.  I have received God's love and healing before but I have never been delivered from something in an instance!
  4. I give God all the honor and glory.  You have touched my heart in so many ways.  Thank you and God bless you.  KS

I wanted to take a moment thank you for having me as a part of your series. It was such a difficult day for me, and yet one of the absolute best nights ever. I felt totally healed and renewed after Wednesday night, and still feel that way. The Lord is always so amazing, when we are at our weakest, he lift us to new heights!

We all enjoyed playing and hearing your message so much. The ladies were so responsive, and the Lord so present....Thanks again! JM

Last night was incredible and a major divine appointment!!  Considering I cried most of the night and received some wonderful prayer time - I will definitely be back.  God is using you in such a mighty way - I can relate to everything you said.  God also revealed a situation I had forgotten about - regarding rejection - that brought me to tears and ultimately - healing :)  God is so good - He knows what we need way before we realize we need it. Thank you for your love, TS

I was so convicted by the Holy Spirit of the critical spirit within me that I physically felt ill.   I went out for prayer and have been delivered!   PRAISE GOD!   You are the most courageous person for “going to battle” and attacking these issues head on.  I am a transformed individual.   Thanks for your love, CL

This has truly been a revival of my spirit, spirit and soul for the cause of Jesus Christ.  Through the teachings of the Word of God, through the experiences shared by Erin and her obedience to see lives changed, my hidden agendas have been revealed and released!  Thank you, Jesus!  [anonymous]

I wanted to say thank you for the Hidden Agendas Series!!!! It is amazing how God knows how to push me further in my walk with Him!   I felt so sure that I needed to attend the Hidden Agendas Bible Study.   As each week comes and goes, God is opening my eyes and heart to so many things!!!! I   thank God often for you and Matt and the ministry! Through you, God has changed me so much!   God bless you, Erin, with His peace, love, and wisdom!!!!  NL

Dear Erin,

I almost don't have the words to tell you the last several days.  Please share with your whole team from the bottom of my heart how much I am grateful for all of you and your commitment to serve our King. I think this was as healing for me as it was for some of the women who have privately contacted me. And  may the blessings of His gifts multiply like a domino effect. Ps 69:6, JH


Comments from handwritten evaluations

Every week, so many insights, so many times for God to touch my core. She is so Blessed by God!

Erin is so gifted and is really being used.   Your sweetness and God's love shine through. Thank you Erin for allowing God to change me through you!  Your teaching was very easy for me to follow.

Erin has made everything fit to all levels of belief. Enjoyed all sessions.  Opened my heart & mind to my hidden agendas & motivation underlying. Great personal examples, thanks!  Life sessions were great, real life stuff we all go through.  Brilliant, truly from God. Thank you!


The more I hear Erin speak the more I see her love and compassion which was contagious. I would rather longer teaching instead of group time. Great stories, Bible verses, love when Erin gets wound up (Preach it sister!)

I have learned so much about myself & my traps. Each week was right on!   Masterful, God's gift to us.

Awesome!  It has worked so well in my life.  I know if it can work, for hard headed me, it can work for anyone!;  The time seems to go by so fast, I would love to keep going  This is a comfortable, welcoming environment with plenty of parking. 

Everyone needs to hear these things!  Note: people got locked out this week because they got here late but really wanted to come in!;

Hidden Agendas was life changing for me!  The ability to impact a lot of women; God focused, inspiring, too much info to grasp in one session; I feel these sessions opened up my heart and made me realize how much God loves me as I am, it frees me to want to be transformed.

Great information, good teachings, examples, loved to scripture examples.

I love visiting other churches (from my own) and experiencing Jesus through other experiences.  I think this promotes unity among Christians, which we need more of!

It was not your typical mother's Bible study.  The Lord fed me richly!! God Bless You!! The body of Christ needs this teaching and VCC has always been a good venue for the body of Christ. 

You are a beautiful Godly woman of influence.   Erin's masterful gift of communication to challenge us to take on the character of Christ

Someone once spoke to mea bout a "Spirit of Excellence". There is a Spirit of Excellence on this teaching!

Very uplifting & eye opening. Great motivations to strive to being a better person by focusing on Christ; It was inspirational uplifting & help me to grow in my walk with the Lord

People would benefit from Erin's message; Yes, yes, yes! I would take it one hundred times & can think of many friends that would love to share my experience with!

The environment is very comfortable; It was a great & enligtening experience!  Erin not only brings you to the issues she brings you through them with her words, commitment and undying desire to serve and empower!

Erin’s view of traps & remedies brought a fresh approach & new information. I cannot think of a heart that was not touched in some way.;

Erin is wonderful, we loved her teaching. she is gentle, loving, and real which is the Vineyard style; The ladies at my table & I were all touched by Erins words. We all needed to be here. We were all supposed to be here. God put us all at table 15 for a reason.  We are more alike than we are different!; sessions hit home, gave food for thought.

Do the 2nd series of Hidden Agendas; It was an awesome time of learning about myself and allowing God to change me so I can be ready to do what He wants me to do!

Hidden Agendas has given me a solid foundation to see the truth for what the Lord wants to reveal to me. Yes!!! I would recommend this series to others; Cause even through I had minor issues with things, the community of ladies I became a part of and the truth I learned and try to apply is invaluable.  I'd rather be a little uncomfortable and learn about Biblical values & truths than not.

Thanks.; Perhaps I wasn't in the right frame of mind or place in life to let the Holy Spirit in through this program. But I can see that it was a huge heart-opener for many others.; Life-changing profound, Spirit-driven, totally ministry oriented, practical, inspiring, done with God pleasing excellence, word honoring and directed, appropriately sized/priced, God-focused, Jesus honoring, compassionate, great, eternal "advertisement" introduction for Vineyard.

The ministry is so personal, it makes you feel like you are an actual person not just a "fan" if you will;  You have helped me grow in so many ways thru this series!

Always wonderful, Wonderful!; You are blessed to have so many dedicated volunteers; It was so nice, to do something across denominational lines; Keep up the great work, you are changing lives; 

Would recommend to others; God moves through your ministry!  You reflect the beauty of God's Kingdom.

 This ministry team is a "team" and knows how to work together.  We want more Matt!

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